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New Scarborough
Infant, Child & Adult CPR Course
First Aid Certification Course
First Aid & Infant, Child And Adult CPR
Challenge Testing ( up to 3 hours )
CPR AED Training Pro/BLS Health Care Provider
Osha Blood Borne Pathogen Training
Basic Water Safety Course
Automated External Defibrillator (AED) course
Please contact us for training schedule - (207) 772-6100
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  • January 4th 2016
  • February 22nd 2016
  • April 11th 2016
  • May 30th 2016
  • August 8th 2016
  • September 19th 2016
  • November 7th 2016
  • February 1st 2016
  • March 21st 2016
  • May 9th 2016
  • June 27th 2016
  • September 6th 2016
  • October 24th 2016
  • December 12th 2016
Swim Club
Register ONE swimmer
two sessions per week
New Scarborough
Pool Parties are 2 hours in length. First hour in pool, second hour in party area. Lifeguard provided along with life jackets for all non-swimmers. Bring your own cake and ice cream. Choose the facility that best meets your party needs.
Your child's Birthday at Swim Time will surely be a Big Splash!

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